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Volume 7 Issue 1

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1. Rao NM. (February 2018) Scientific steps to follow in doing research. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:1-3. [PDF]

Original Research 

2. Shawagfeh M, Al-Lwzi, Al-Zobi A et al.,. (February 2018) Tapentadol IR versus Oxycodone IR show gastrointestinal and central nervous system tolerability compared with Oxycocone. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:4-7. [PDF]

3. Chuh A, Zawar V, Folster-Holst R, Lee A.  (February 2018)  A novel, inexpensive, portable, and wireless dermoscopic unit and qualitative demonstrations on the versatility of the device. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:8-16. [PDF]

4. Anitha M, Nisha T. (February 2018) Correlation of ovarian reserve in infertile women of different age groups. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:17-24. [PDF]

Volume 6 Issue 3

Table of contents

Volume 6 Issue 3


1. Arunachalam SJ. (October 2017) Dangerous Dengue fever - needs immediate attention of public about spreading and preventive measures. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:1-2. [PDF]

Original Research

2. Ahire N, Baliya RS. (October 2017) Study of The Market Penetration of Superior Quality Infection Control Products Used In Dental Practice. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:3 - 6. [PDF]

Review Article

3. Sushma PS, Jain P. (October 2017) Nutrigenomics in cancer prevention and therapeutic strategies. Jour of Med Sc &Tech;6(1); Page No:7 - 16. [PDF]

Original Research

4. Swetha D, Srilakshmi P, Reddy YVRK. (October 2017) Oxidative stress in unstable angina and myocardial infarction. Jour of Med Sc & Tech; 6(3): Page No: 17 - 22. [PDF]

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